Austrian Beauty Comes In Pairs With Photographer Ingo Kremmel

Jacky Liebe by Ingo Kremmel (2)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Ingo Kremmel of Schaman Photodesign, Models Jacky Liebe, Tasha Turner, Iveta Rucka, Danie Lein, Dominika Kissova, Model MISS MM, Kalina, Corinna Walther

When I think of Austria I think of great skiing, I think of great coffee and Vienna coffee shops like Cafe Sperl, I think of Mozart and the Opera, the Danube and the Lipizzaner Stallions, and last but not least the Sacher tort. But now I will have to add great legs to that mix after stumbling across photographer Ingo Kremmel of Schaman Photodesign.

Whenever we come across a great photographer, such as Ingo Kremmel, we cannot wait to feature their work. First there is always the anxiety of waiting for a response and wondering If the answer will be yes or no. We were hoping for a yes because Ingo’s portfolio is like walking through the Garden of Eden, except there’s a lot more Eves.

Well this Austrian Photographer from Bregenz, Austria did not disappoint with his answer and we are pleased to present our first featured legs gallery with his incredible work. Not to mention some of the worlds prettiest models proving that great things come in pairs. Which so happens to be a great pair of legs as presented by Ingo Kremmel

Enjoy today’s gallery to The Red Riding out of Paris, France with “Passager Rouge.”

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