Polish Pin Up Jeany Kicz by Photographer Magdalena Graj

Jeany Kicz by Magdalena Graj (7)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photographer Magdalena Graj of Fotograficzna Furia, Model
Jeany Kicz

Polish photographer Magdalena Graj, of Poznan, Poland, may prefer fashion photography, but when she takes it to the street with her team at Fotograficzna Furia, they know how to turn  a sleazy alley into a sexy walkway.

Shot on Zwierzyniecka street in Poznan, this Photo Vogue Italy published photographer chose one of our favorite Polish Pin Up Girls, Jeany Kicz,  to add some color and beauty to a dreary lane. Oh what magic they made together.

Magdalena does incredible work bringing out Jeany’s natural beauty to life for us in the midst of morning sunshine and natural light. Sexy, sexy, sexy is all we can say. Magdalena has a wonderful blog as well and you can check out here to see more of her wonderful work.

Enjoy today’s gallery to Slim Wray out of Brooklyn, New York with “Bear.”

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