Bath Time In St. Peterburg With Alternative Pin Up Girl Yana Sinner

Inked Girl and Alternative Pin Up Yana Sinner (8)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Model Yana Sinner, Photographer M.Bulatova, Photo Shoot done for

For those of you already making plans to head down to St. Petersburg, Florida hoping to catch a glimpse of the delightful Alternative Pin Up Girl Yana Sinner, you will need to change your spring break plans.

Yana is from St. Peterburg, Russia and far from the Florida sun. But don’t let that discourage you. Yana is an internationally published model not just in Russian publications but US publications as well, such as Outlaw Kittens Magazine and
Cat’s Meow Magazine. So you don’t even have to leave the house. Of course for those of you living in Europe, you now have a whole other reason to head over there besides the historical city and its many museums.

Besides her modelling Yana is a Burlesque performer, having won Miss Burlesque Russia in 2012,  and has done shows all over the world. This hottie of a talented girl also designs retro styled clothing and corsets which you can check out here.

Yana may describe herself as “A little green-eyed female demon wrapped in silk and lace,” but all we see is a heavenly angel. Perhaps she’s the devil in disguise.

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