Pin Up Girl Frankii Wilde & Photographer John Tuckey Create Vintage Magic

Frankii Wilde by JRT Vintage Photography  (1)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photography by John Tuckey of JRT Vintage Photography, Model
Frankii Wilde

Many photos we see here take us back in time to bygone eras. But none of them have taken us back so realistically like the photography of John Tuckey of JRT Vintage Photography has done. One could almost say that John is a master forger of time.

While his photo set of one the most beautiful UK Pin Up Models,  Frankii Wilde, drew our attention and hence its feature here, John has a very diverse portfolio of subject matter.

He has some vintage World War Two photos that would have you believe the photos simply came out of your grandfathers old shoe box in the closet. A collection of memories of glories past. But they are far more recent than that.

Most of the pictures we browsed through all seem to tell a story about our collective pasts, and any of them would be a prized print hanging in your home, perhaps above the mantel of a fireplace, or in the entry hallway. All creating a focal point and a talking piece.

Many of the pieces are available for purchase at Saatchi Art, but if something is not there Just drop John a line on his webpage,, and we’re sure he will take care of you.

Enjoy today’s gallery to Si Cranstoun out of the UK with his version of “Reet Petite.”

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