Last Months Musical Highlights With; The Lunatics, The Silks, Freddie DiLevi, The Dolfins, Slim Wray, Hells Fire Sinners, and More

Jone Matilainen Photography & Design

Jone Matilainen Photography & Design

By Sad Man’s Tongue

We have featured quite a few emerging bands here at Sad Man’s Tongue that cover a broad range of genres, “Old School & Beyond.” From Modern 50’s Doo Wop, Surf, Garage, Lo-Fi, Rockabilly, Punk, Psychobilly and straight up Rock & Roll. We have featured bands from Germany, Spain, South Africa, Untied States, France and Canada.

Here is a selection of the bands we have featured recently. Give them a listen. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

a3018792713_10The Lunatics out of Cologne, Germany with “I Love To Believe You.” Their Facebook page states;

“The band plays 80ies Old School Psychobilly and mix it up with Rock’n’ Roll, Swing, US-Punk, modern Psychobilly, Surf, Garage Punkrock! “

a3193645165_2The Silks out of Providence, RI with playing a mix of alt country, blues rock, and rock & roll. Peter Gerstenzang, freelance journalist, who has written for The New York Times and Rolling Stone states:

Rock and Roll may not be dead, but it does seem like there’s a priest leaning over its bed, reciting the last rites. However, if The Silks have anything to do with it, the body will soon be out of bed, bopping around the room.

a1450399740_2Freddie DiLevi out of Seville, Spain [lays a mix of rock & roll, surf, doo wop, and garage punk.”S review goes on to say:

This album exudes culture, deep knowledge , and above all , love and devotion to those golden years and, yes, all the imagery it represents : nice cars , most beautiful girls, parties on the beach, Elvis, flights to Hawaii at the TWA , toupees , but above all , beautiful songs of primal rock and roll

a1823011596_2The Dolfins out of South Africa play a mix of punk and garage. Their bio on Facebook says;

Since our departure from our home turf, the distorted and slimy planet Gunk situated in the galaxy of Disbelief, we have traveled far and wide across the universe, until one day we came across a small inhabited globe called Earth. We immersed ourselves in their underground culture and soon learned the basic skills needed to create garage punk.

a2737523203_2Slim Wray out of Brooklyn, New York play a mix of alternative rock, blues, garage rock, indie rock punk rock, and surf. Their bio says:

Slim Wray is a bombastic, irreverent garage rock band founded on thunderous drums and gritty, fuzz-driven guitar riffs. Recalling blue-eyed soul classics such as The Sonics, The Animals, and The Kinks. Slim Wray powers things into the modern era with heart-pounding energy, visceral vocals and an energetic live presence.

a0723952421_2Hells Fire Sinners from Columbus, Ohio (A good place to party) playing country, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, honkey tonk, punk rock, rock & roll, and rockabilly. Their bio states;

The Hells Fire Sinners story begins in 2006 in Columbus, Ohio when two singer songwriters and a drummer began playing together. After writing a few songs they decided to form a band. Mixing honky tonk, punk and rock together they formed the Hells Fire Sinners.

a0935252555_2Jesus Sons out of Los Angeles California playing a mix of alternative. rock & roll, folk, garage rock, and psychedelic. Their bio states;

The songs that Jesus Sons write serve as explicit documentation of living in modern day America. The lyrics are filled with shady characters from the back streets of San Francisco and beyond. The ones lurking in the shady corners of your local watering hole, taking long drags off their cigarettes. Their breath stained of cheap whiskey. The music is the product of each members’ geographical origins colliding together

a2028135724_2The Red Riding out of Paris, France playing rock, punk, and garage. Their bio states absolutely nothing? But we dug them enough to feature them here.

a1216609012_2Bobby T. and the Slackers from Los Angles playing a mix of alternative, garage, punk, lo-fi, psychedelic, and surf rock. Their bio states nothing, but they do say they will play your bar mitzvah.

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