Italian Pin Up Girl Debbie Mit Cake

Debbie Mit Cake by Sergio Spanu 5by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by  Nearco Giberti, Roberto Girardi, Bostjan Tacol, Sergio Spanu,

On my last trip to Turin, Italy I bought a wonderful stone mortar and pestle at a market, along with some beautiful unfiltered olive oil. Had I know about the Cake I would have stayed much longer. I am referring of course  to Pin Up Girl and Burlesque dancer Debbie Mit Cake.

We had a chance meeting the other night with her and her fiance, Hans Biscaldi of Bicaldi Tattoo Studio. Both were super nice and down to earth, but while Hans is quite the inked gentleman and a real looker, I can tell you that the hottest girl in the place was Debbie Mit Cake.

While we cannot have our cake and eat it too on this one, we can share some pretty hot photos of our new favorite dessert.

Enjoy today’s gallery to The Ass Haulers  out of Louisville, Kentucky with “Grown Ass Man.”



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