Carlos Kella Creates A Triple Threat: Hot Rods, Pins Up, and Legs

Hot Rods, Pin Ups, Legs, and Nylons by Carlos Keller (9)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Carlos Kella of Carlos Kella Photography

If you never thought it possible to consistently find photos of great pin up girls, great legs, and great hot rod and muscle cars from the same photographer in the same photograph, we are here to tell you it exists.

Photographer Carlos Kella from Hamburg, Germany is the magician that brings three of our favorite things together in a photographic canvas of color, sex appeal, sleek lines, and long legs.

We first learned of Carlos’ magnificent work when we saw some photos of Pin Up Girl Ava Elderwood when we were just starting out. So we have always been fond of his work.

With his love of cars from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and early 70s Carlos merges his subjects in a way that create their own story line. Each viewer sucked in by different elements and taking away their own personalized journey into the world of Carlos Keller.

With a talent that spans different genres Carlos clearly stands out as a giant in his field, and we are lucky enough to stand in his foot prints.

Enjoy today’s special gallery to The Cathouse out of Budapest, Hungary with “Leprosay.”

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