Japanese Rockabilly Comes To The Historic Club 007 Stahaov In Prague

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On May 1st, 2014 the historic Club 007 Strahov will kick off their “Rockin’ May Fiesta.” An underground club since 1969 it is actually run by a student organization, and has survived to this day despite communist interference during the Soviet Occupation.

The day will feature a line up of three great Czech Rockabilly bands including Slapdash, Mordors Gang, and Green Monster. Headlining the event is an amazing Psycho-Rockabilly band keeping it real since 1993, The Starlite Wrangers, out of Japan. Watch their official video below for a little taste.

The Starlite Wranglers – Nasty Road (official video)

The day kicks off at 4pm and you can purchase tickets at Lucky Hazzard Clothing or Ticketstream.cz



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