Retro Pin Up Vacation From Photographer Olga Plakitina

Pin Up Girls by Olga Plakitina (1)by Sad Man’s Tongue Photos by: Olga Plakitina of Olga Plakitina Photography

Now here is a photographer that makes us want to do two things. First start a second blog so we could feature more of her gorgeous photos that don’t fit our own theme of Kustom Kulture. Secondly perhaps get engaged and married, especially if she will create a wonderful set for us as she does in so many of the photos we have seen.

Yes, when you browse the pages of Olga Plakitina webpage or VK site, images of love abound. Engagements, weddings, especially alternative ones abound in a misty cloud that makes you feel you are in a fairy tale as the young prince kisses the beautiful princess.

But Olga’s talent does not stop there. Her Retro Beach Pin Up Shoot, “Pin Up Vacation,” has colors that equal the springtime bloom of our garden in color and vibrance. The set has us clamoring to decide which beach we should head to first. This talented photographer from Yekaterinburg, Russia takes us on a brief retro pin up vacation and we our loving it. Hope she will branch out and do more with Pin Ups in the future.

Enjoy today’s gallery to Jittery Jack out of Boston, Mass. with “Gonna Have A Time.”



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