Swiss Beauty Gina Carla Lights Up The Alps With Her Smile

Pin Up Girl Gina Carla by  Sebastian Köhler (11)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photographer Sebastian Köhler, Model Gina Carla

Photographer Sebastian Köhler takes wonderful photos of one of our favorite Swiss Pin Up Models, Gina Carla. We are certain it is his favorite Pin Up as well. We are also certain that Sebastian never needs a flash as Gina’s smile surely brightens the darkest of rooms and the most overcast of days.

This dynamic duo reside in Zurich and create alpine magic with craft of lens and a smile that may be the actual cause of global warming. Either way it is always a pleasure to feature Gina and the photography of Sebastian Köhler.

Enjoy today’s gallery to Slim Wray out of Brooklyn, New York with their version of “Gloria.”

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