Kustom Kulture Photographer Carlos Kella Is One Class Act

65135_565613653453488_1515198809_nby Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Carlos Kella of Carlos Kella Photography Calendar, Post Cards, and Coffee Table Books Available At Sway Books

So we did a small feature on Photographer Carlos Kella out of Hamburg, Germany last week called, “Carlos Kella Creates A Triple Threat: Hot Rods, Pins Up, and Legs.” It was about 4:00 am in the morning and of course as I am stubborn, was not wearing the glasses that were recently prescribed by the doctor.

So later that morning Carlos thanked us for the feature as it contributed to his wonderful morning, but, and it’s a big but, we spelled his name wrong. In the blurry hours of the morning we must have been thinking Hellen Keller and not Carlos Kella.

Well with more egg on our face than a greasy American Diner, a giant foot in our mouth, and a face as red as a lobster, we proceeded to make the corrections. Carlos thanked us for the corrections and then proceeded to do something quite unexpected. He offered to send us his 2014 calendar which was quite shocking. Afterall we did F%$*K up his name.

Talk about a class act and an individual that clearly has his feet on the ground despite being one of the top photographers in the world for photography on American Classic Cars from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and early 70s combined with lovely pin up girls.

Plus he did not just send the calendar. He also sent some wonderful post cards featuring Pin Ups, Inked Girls, Legs, and Hot Rods. The calendar is amazing and not your typical calendar. The calendar is not a 12 month calendar with 12 measly pictures, this is a whopper as a 52 week calendar with 52 pages of wonderful Kustom Kulture Photography. If it did not have a ringed binding it could easily be a coffee table book in its size and scope. Absolutely breathtaking.

1157528_722879574393561_1009368584_nForget that you are in week 18 right now. Go and the calendar. There are still 34 weeks and plenty of amazing photography to fill in the rest of the year. Plus as we said, even as a stand alone coffee table piece it works. You can head over to Sway Books and pick up the calendar or any number of other items by Carlos such as the post cards and of course real coffee table books. You will not be disappointed and you need to prepare to be blown away as we most certainly were.

So the lesson here is; You can’t be sure that everyone is a class act and patient when mistakes are made, so wear your glasses.

Enjoy some of the wonderful image from the calendar while listening to Simon Lister & Shackled Mule out of Halifax, United Kingdom with “Nobody Can See the Cracks. “



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