Hot Rod High In Switzerland: The Kustom Kulture Photography of Roland Brunner

Hot Rods and Kustoms by Roland Brunner (13)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Roland Brunner of Photörhead BiERLOS Photography.

Roland Brunner, aka “Photörhead” aka “BiERLOS” out of St. Gallen, Switzerland may have many aliases, but the photographs each persona takes are one and the same…….. striking.

Roland was actually working as a web developer, when in 2009, he borrowed a camera from his friend to document his trip to Normandy, France. Well lucky for us Roland caught the bug and began photographing a passion for hot rods, kustoms and muscle cars.

A unique feature of his photogeaphy is that he takes the photos using vintage cameras from his collection. Cameras from the 1950s t0 the 1970s give an aura to the already classic cars he photographs and makes his images stand out amongst others.

Enjoy today’s gallery to The Alley Dukes out of Montreal, Canada with “Your Sister.”


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