“Croation Pin Up Girl Greta MaCabre (Greta Gardner) Brings Class & Elegance To Life”

Pin Up Girl & Vintage Beauty Greta Macabre by Jasenka Arbanas Photography (4)by Sad man’s Tongue, Photos by Jasenka Arbanas Photography, Model Greta MaCabre (Greta Gardner)

If there were a big league for pin up girls then Greta MaCabre (Greta Gardner) would certainly be in it. She certainly is one of a handful of girls that would make us start typing this at 3:30am in the morning instead of going to bed. But when I saw the photos of Greta taken by Jasenka Arbanas Photography, I knew I was in for a long night.

If we had a blog about flowers we would also being featureing some of Jasenka Arbanas wonderful work besides pin ups, but Greta would still be there as she is prettier than any rose we know.

Both based out of Croatia it is clear that there is more to see and do in Croatia than just visit the Dalmation Coast. Talented photograpgher and timeless beauty combine to create some real vintage magic.

Greta said in an interview we did with her a couple of years back that, ” Ever since I was a child, I wanted to look like a “femme fatale.” My personal taste in music, my interests and subcultures also affected my style and my modeling career. I am big film lover and I like trash horror movies as well as movies from the golden Hollywood era.

She has the “femme fatale” down pat! If you have ever seen Lucile Ball in her early hollywood years then you know what we are talking about, radiant beauty! Perhaps Greta could return Hollywood to that golden age of class and elegance. Time will tell 🙂

Enjoy today’s gallery to Tami Neilson out of New Zealand with “Come Over.”


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