Pin Up Girl Darla Doherty by Damien Alvie Photography

Pin Up Girl Darla Doherty by Damien Alvie Photography (8)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Model, Darla Doherty, Photos by Damien Alvie of Damien Alvie Photography

She seems like the playful girl next door, only with a little ink. Pin Up girl Darla Doherty’s playful personality is brought out in some beautiful and colorful photographs by Damien Alvie Photography, based out of Austin, Texas.

Darla originally from Boston moved to Texas after graduating from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a dgree in English. While she says the move was to escape from the cold, with this bright personalities beauty, we’d say things got a lot colder when she left.

Mustering up the courage to take on modeling Darla has already been featured in, Retro Lovely Magazine, and Delicious Dolls Magazine just to name a few. Her love of all things vintage and all things kitsch makes her the perfect model for cheesecake photography. We sure would love a slice of that cheesecake 🙂

As for Damien, besides being one lucky devil, no pun intended, he has some fabulous work that you can see on his website so be sure to check it out, and when in Austin be sure to schedule a shoot.

Enjoy today’s gallery to another Boston native Jittery Jack with his song “Boston Baby.”


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