Summer 2014: Voodoo Swing returns to Europe for their last tour!

_MG_1361by Cecile Pereira, Executive Manager, Electric Lotus Label
Summer 2014: Voodoo Swing returns to Europe for their last tour!
Arizona’s Voodoo Swing returns for 22 European dates from June 22nd to July 26th, 2014. They will promote their latest record “Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos and Scars” (2013) as well as the launch of singer/guitarist Shorty K’s new solo album “Full Custom Boogie”.
Voodoo Swing is Shorty K on lead guitar and vocals; Leeroy Nelson on drums and hollerin’, and Tommy Collins on the  double-bass. Their unique style of “rip-it-up” Rockabilly first attracted England’s Nervous Records in 1993. Voodoo Swing’s debut album We’re Usin’ Code Names!” is followed by a second album, “Well, Okay Then!” released on Netherlands’ Rockhouse Records label. Voodoo Swing is also featured on Rockabilly compilations “American Rumble” and “The Sounds of Gasoline’’.
The band also scores the soundtrack for the Lowrider documentary “Low and Slow” as well as for the full-length feature film “Rockabilly Vampire”.
In 1998, Shorty is awarded “Best Electric Guitar Player” by Salt Lake’s City Weekly Magazine reader’s poll. In the early years, the band headquartered in Salt Lake City. After a long hiatus, the band regrouped in Phoenix and released their third record, “Greasers Por Vida”.
In 2010 the band, released “Refried Voodoo Beans” produced by Olivier Zahm. Then 2 other albums were released with Electric Lotus Label: the pure rockabilly “Keep on Rollin’” in 2011, then “Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos and Scars” in 2013 blending diverse roots music influences from country to blues.
VIDEO “My Rockabilly Martian Gal” with more than 80 000 views :

Europe Tour dates 2014:
June 22: Muddy roots festival (Belgium)
June 26 – Cafe Ut Babbelaertje, Middelburg (Netherlands)
June 27 – Mustang Sally – Sittard (Netherlands)
June 28 – Wanderers – Reckenfeld (Germany)
June 29 – Cruisers festival – Zillebeke (Belgium)
July 2 – Heuvelzicht caffe – Essen (Belgium)
July 3 – Extra Blues Bar – Bielefeld (Germany)
July 4 – Auster Club – Berlin (Germany)
July 5 –  Draft Haus – Hamburg (Germany)
July 6 – Shans 10 – Beverwijk (Netherlands)
July 8 – De Melkbus Theater Dordrecht (Netherlands)
July 10 – Bacchus Cafe – Geel (Belgium)
July 11 – Keffee Pollux – Venlo (Netherlands)
July 12 – Sjok festival (Belgium)
July 13 – Mudd Club – Strasbourg (France)
July 18- 19 – Blues Festival de Cahors (France)
July 20 – Private party at Majestic, Lier (Belgium)
July 21 – Blue Balls Festival – Lucerne (Switzerland)
July 24-25-26 – Le Bateleur – La Rochelle (France)



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