Pin Up Girl Frankii Wilde: There is NO Comparison

Frankii Wilde 2
by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by My Boudoir Photography

How can you make comparisons to describe UK Pin Up Girl Frankii Wilde. You don’t!

Frankii has that allure that film noir stars such as Veronika lake had staring alongside Aan Ladd. While Frankii Wilde may harken us back to the femme fatale dame in the film noir era had Frankii starred along side Alan Ladd he would not have been the star. Frankii, unlike Veronika Lake, would have stole every scene as people watched with great anticipation what Frankii would do next, even if it were to just walk across the room. At the end of the movie cinema goers would be saying Alan who.

If we would compare her to Marilyn it’s pretty simple. If Marilyn were to walk by she would turn our head pretty damn quick. But if Frankii were to walk by she would keep our gaze much longer. Now we love Marilyn bur we our mesmerized by Frankii.

If we would compare her to Jayne Mansfield’s curvy features and movie star legs, or the long sexy legs of Juliet Prowse we would still fall short. Mansfield was 20th Century Fox’s Alternative to Monroe and that makes her number two. Frankii is an alternative to neither as she casts her own giant shadow, which I am sure is quite sexy. As for the legs, yes Juliet had some great legs, but we know about legs, and if you have seen the over 150 Legs Galleries we have featured here you know what we are talking about. Sorry Jayne and Juliet, Frankii has the legs down.

Frankii Wilde is A British Pin Up Girl, Alternative model, Burlesque Performer, and producer who is drop dead gorgeous. With respect to all the rest there is no comparison.

Enjoy today’s gallery to The Alley Dukes out of Montreal, Canada with “Look Somewhere Else.”


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