Stephanie Van Der Strumpf at the “Underground” in Prague

Burlesque Dancer Stephanie Van Der Strumpf (10)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Some Photos by Nikol Obrová Photographer, Model Stephanie van der Strumpf

Beneath the cobblestone streets of Prague and the Lesser Square, and beneath the 15th century facade of The Hard Rock Cafe Prague, lies an 800 year old Gothic Cellar called “The Underground.”

While once famous for the pharmacy that existed in its stoneworks in the 13th century the “Underground” is prescribing a different kind of medicine to help protect you against Friday thr 13th.

Pin Up Girl and Alternative Model Stephanie Van Der Strumpf’s night of Cabaret will be all the medicine you need. Stepahnie is from Prague and her charming personality, which we experienced first hand, will be a delight to see on stage.

Performing On Friday June 13th at 8pm, this is ensured to be a special night. There is a 100czk cover charge for pre reservations and 150czk cover at the door without  reservations, but the cover includes happy hour pricing all night and the show.

To make your reservation contact

Enjoy today’s gallery to Guadalupe Plata out of Ubeza, Spain with “Rata.”


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