If it’s Not Simon Bolz Hot Then Its Just Luke Warm – Legs Gallery 151

Simon Bolz, www.simonbolz.comby Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Simon Bolz of Simon Bolz Photography

Simon Bolz ia a photographer who is at the top of his class. He has been recently featured in LIKE OnlineMen’s Health, PLAYBOY CarsWomen’s Health,   PLAYBOYstern.de, XXL RussiaVIEW SternPenthouse Russia, and  GQ-Magazin.de, just to name a few.

In November Simon has a photo book coming out on the 6th featuring over 204 pages, 24x 33cm, limited edition of 1,000 pieces, as well as his 2015 calendar already available for order here. That will be something to get your hands on for sure.

One of the things we like about Simon, besides the amazing photography, is his genuineness with his regards for the art of photography, which one can see at his blog when he points out the work of other photographers. It leads us to believe that his passion for photography goes beyond his own work as he gives praise and accolades to others in his field. Now that is down to earth.

Enjoy today’s gallery to The Black Kat Boppes out of the UK with their song “Baby.”

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