Sarah Olivier Brings Vintage To Life In Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach Pin Ups by Sarah Olivier (15)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Sarah Oliver of Sarah Olivier Photography, Models Emily Bunclark, Natasha Gatward, Karla Louise Norcross, Laura Louise, Kiki Mccaffery, Annamaria Dollie Doré and Kelly-Marie Maleficent

Sarah Olivier’s beach pin up shoot had us thinking about summer long before it was here. When we stumbled across the photos we had to do a double take on her work, how beautiful they are. The colors struck us the most, as did the lovely ladies, but the colors drew us in, and the detail to the vintage theme had us harkening back to other times.

Not quite spring when we first saw them they reminded us of our garden. The yellows reminded us of our sunflowers, the reds and peaches reminded us of our roses, the pinks reminded us of our gardenias, the purples reminded us of our wisteria trees, and we could go on and on.

Sarah Olivier is an internationally published freelance photographer based in East Sussex, UK. Her desire  ” ….to make sure you have a beautiful visual record to keep forever…” is no exaggeration. While this self taught photographer covers diverse themes her passion lies in fashion and vintage themes.

Her set here not only creates the beautiful visual record she hopes to capture but also the vintage theme in wonderful details. The colors and theme had us begging for summer while at the same time building a desire within to head over to Brighton.

Enjoy todays gallery to Tami Nielson out of New Zealand with “Honey Girl.”

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