Alisa Verner Unique Unto Herself: Legs Gallery 152

Legs And Nylons by Alisa Verner (1)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Alisa Verner of Alisa Verner Photography

We look at thousands of photographs every month. When you cruise through so many photos you begin to recognize the work of specific photographers. When we first starting to recognize photo works of specific photographers it was the photography of Alisa Verner based out of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Unlike so many other shots before had anyone drawn us in more. So specific to her, her work seemed unique unto its own. Alisa Verner is an international critically acclaimed erotic and fashion photographer that goes beyond the typical genres and creates distinctive magic that is recognizable only as hers.

While we work with so many great photographers who also have recognizable work amongst the masses, it was Alisa’s work that first made us realize that a great photo has less to do about the model and content. Rather,  it is truly only elevated by the person behind the lens whose skill transcends the multitude of others.

Enjoy today’s gallery to Guadalupe Plata out of Spain with “Milana.”

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