Pin Up Girl Alli Katz with the Alley Dukes’ “No More Hot Dogs”

Alli Katzin Up Girl Alli Katz (1)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Model Alli Katz

Wish we could say something about this emerging Pin Up but we can’t. Not that we don’t want to  mind you. Alli Katz appears to be so new to the scene that she has not had time to even write a  brief bio or even say where she is from.

That being said about this mysterious hottie from some dark alley we know more about the Alley Dukes from Canada than we do about Alli Katz, so please enjoy today’s gallery to The Alley Dukes out of Montreal, Quebec with “No More Hot Dogs.”


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4 Responses to Pin Up Girl Alli Katz with the Alley Dukes’ “No More Hot Dogs”

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  2. Alli Katz says:

    Well, well, Mr. Sad Man’s Tongue,
    So you want to know more about Alli Katz?! 😉
    I prowl the dark allies of Alaska, in the land of the midnight sun! As you suspected, I am new to the pin up scene, but I was born with a rockabilly heart. I have a love for everything vintage and an attraction for classic cars, classic movies, classic music, etc. There is just something captivating and glamorous about that period when people exuded confidence and not arrogance. My heart belongs to a time when chivalry reigned; when men were men and women were ladies.
    When I am not in front of a camera, you can find me on a trail with my dog, snuggled up with my kitty cat and a good book, or sipping cocktails at a local pub.
    To be honest, I never thought of providing a bio as I never thought anyone would be that interested! I have enjoyed listening to Alley Dukes and exploring your site. Love what you makes me purrrr! Thanks for the opportunity to share with you a little bit of who I am! ~xo Alli Katz

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