Having Champagne With Stephanie Van Der Strumpf

Benn Murhaaya - http://murhaaya.comby Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Benn Murhaaya, Model Stephanie Van Der Strumpf

Czech Pin Up Girl, Alternative Model, and Burlesque Dancer Stephanie Van Der Strumpf cooled things off with a hot performance the other night here in Prague. Known for her use of a sabre to uncork any bottle of champagne while on stage, she will also be known to us as someone who is passionate about her art.

The evening was a tasteful event of of charming personalities, extravagant costumes, entertaing routines and of course the good old fashioned tease. At first it appeared that the stubborn bottle of champagne was the one doing the teasing, but in reality it never had a chance.

With several strokes of the blade the top finally blew and Stephanie Van Der Strumpf cooled things off by heating them up at the same time. We look forward to her next show and performance along with all the other wonderful performers. Hopefully sooner than later.

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