Nora Lee Cardigans And Pin Ups: The Perfect Combination


Nora Lee Cardigan sweaters (15)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Models, Laura Váchová, Pham Ngoc Diep, Lucie Trsková, and Nora Barnhart, Sweaters by  Nora Lee, Dresses by Lazy 50’s Eye

The only thing better than wearing a Nora Lee Cardigan Sweater, is having someone take it off, one button at a time 🙂 Especially with models such as Laura Váchová, Pham Ngoc Diep, Lucie Trsková, we could spend all day here at Sad Man’s Tongue undoing those buttons.

That being said we can tell you that these handmade sweaters with a vintage and retro touch are made with more love and care than you can imagine. Nora Barnhart, aka Nora Lee is a Czech Photographer, Actress, and Model who has combined her love of vintage and retro fashion tailored for the modern girl into a true family business.

Nora Lee Cardigan sweaters (14)With so many mass-produced and then overpriced items from the big brand names, it is refreshing to see the ma and pa startups producing relevant and quality handmade pieces you can be proud to wear. It is so ma and pa that even Nora’s grandmother helps create the floral decorations.

Nora Lee tells us that;

” …..each piece is hand made with love and attention to detail. Each is hand embroidered and is a unique original. With every piece sold the creators are happy that their “baby” found a new home, and can make some lucky lady beautiful and happy! “

So if you are looking for something special, sexy, or unique, especially to go with those wonderfully sexy  Lazy 50’s Eye dresses, contact her here, or visit her webpage Nora Lee, or her Facebook page here. These were definitely made for you.

Enjoy todays gallery to Blaire Alise & The Bombshells out of Detroit, Michigan with “You Were Made For Me.”

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