“Transylvanian Tapes” By The 69 Cats: The Perfect Witches Brew

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So what do you get when you add the eyes of 69 cool kats, six whiskers from the head of a cat, half of the food that gave you the Cramps, and several locks of hair from a hot Blondie, and then stir it all together?

You get the Gothabilly Supergroup “The 69 Cats.” Made up of frontman Jyrki of the  band “The 69 Eyes,” former “Cramps” bassist Scott Chopper Franklin, “Blondie” drummer Clem Burke, and 6 string guitar player Danny B. Harvey of Lemmy Klimister’s fronted band “The Head Cat.”

This not so strange brew of a band is set to release their debut album, “Transylvanian Tapes,” set for release on August 5th, 2014.

If you are a fan of the HBO series True Blood, then you have already been listening to them, as the series’ theme song, “I Want To Do Bad Things To You,” is theirs. Video below and click here to listen to  a couple of teasers from the new CD.

The CD has a guest appearance by the queen of rockabilly herself, Wanda Jackson, on a stunning version of Elvis’ “She s Not You.” The group adds their own touch to other rock classics as well such as  Del Shannon’s “Runaway” and Dwight Pullen’s “Sunglasses After Dark.”

You can pre-order the CD here at Amazon.com.

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