Rockabilly Girls Style Gallery 71: The Nina Roxanne Photography Edition

Rockabilly Girls Style by Nina Roxanne Photography l Pin Up & Boudoir (9)By Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Nina Roxanne Photography l Pin Up & Boudoir, Model Kaitlin Barclay, Makeup by Amani

Sometimes we come across a picture that we find so beautiful that we just can’t wait to share it. We also come away hoping two things. First that the photographer will have more photos from the set, and secondly we cross our fingers hoping the photographer will allow us to use the photos.

Such was the case when we came across Augusta, Georgia based photographer Nina Saari of Nina Roxanne Photography. Her photo of Pin Up Girl Kaitlin Barclay had us head over heels. Well this self taught photographer and mother of three has graciously allowed us to use her photos thus granting wishes one and two.

We are sure you will agree that both Kaitlin and the photo set are just gorgeous. While we see a lot of baby pictures (Some very very cute ones we must say) on Nina’s page, we hope she will continue to grow her Pin Up and Rockabilly Style portfolio and will become a regular over here. Clearly both Nina and Kaitlin are two of Georgia’s sweetest peaches!

Enjoy today’s gallery to The Wayfarers out of Nancy, France with “J’ai rejoint le chauffeur.”

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