Coney Island Vintage Girl Laura Okita

DSC00804sizePMbby Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Laura Okita, Model Laura Okita

When we saw these photos of fashion model and designer Laura Okita, we were mesmerized by the shots that seemed so timeless in capturing the retro era and the vintage spirit. When we asked who the photographer was we were quite surprised that it was also Laura Okita with her trusty tripod.

Hitting the runways as a model in America, Europe, and Japan Laura also drafts and sews her own designs keeping true to the vintage spirit. A graduate of University of Colorado at Boulder with a bachelor’s in Anthropology, Laura is our kind of Darwinian fitness and with legs like that, this bi-pedal would make all Australopithecines bow to her in adoration. We know we are 🙂

She has a wonderful vintage blog called “Paper Mothball Vintage.” and a you tube channel here. Be sure to check them out.

Enjoy todays gallery to Tami Neilson out of New Zealand with “Woo Hoo.”


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  2. tedstrutz says:

    Absolutely love that top photo!

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