Inked Girl Sandy P.Peng Brings Life Into Solemn Landscapes

Inked Girl Sandy P.Peng by Wayne Stadler (1)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photography by Wayne Stadler, Model Sandy PPeng

Photographer Wayne Stadler out of Calgary, Canada can take a rusting car, a lonesome road, a broken wagon wheel, and an abandoned hotel and turn them into something special with his photography. Photos that make you think and reminisce of days and dreams gone by.

299577_10150334539002102_106052466_nWayne has taken the concept of road trip to a whole other level. In his travels he has taken incredible photos of themes that most of us would not give a second glance to let alone see. But his magic with the camera has many seeing concepts and themes in a whole new light.

That’s how we came to know this wonderful photographer as he was one of the first people we featured here almost three years ago, when some photos of rusting cars caught our eye. But OHHH BROTHER how time does move forward into the colorful future with this set that blew us away from Wayne featuring International Alternative and Inked Model Sandy PPeng from Bregenz, Austria.

Corinna Walther by Ingo Kremmel 2We first became aware of Sandy by featuring work of another photographer, Ingo Kremmel of Lauterach, Austria. Ingo is another photographer who takes beautiful photos of landscapes of the Lake Constance Region with the female form in the forefront. Sandy was one of those models, so we were quite surprised when we saw this Austrian beauty in a photo set in Canada.

Well considering Sandy is an internationally acclaimed inked model with more credits than we have fans it should come as no surprise that this inked beauty and animal rights activist should journey to the great white north.

10505231_10152182470722102_4966480564093560621_oWith Sandy in the picture Wayne’s photos took on a whole new perspective. There were still the lonely prairies and abandoned places and rusting cars, but now it seems with sandy in the forefront, with that little sparkle of life in the landscapes, you may still reminisce but you would clearly look forward. This photo shoot was the perfect blend of two dynamic personalities, Wayne Stadler and the adorable Sandy P.Peng.

Enjoy today’s gallery to the sounds of Whiskey Kiss out of Phoenix, Arizona with “Dangerous One.”

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  2. Thank you so much you guys for supporting my work and featuring Sandy. It’s a really great feeling to know people are seeing my work all over the world. One day I hope to visit you guys in Prague! Much love to you and yours!

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