Pin Up Girl Vivian Vow WOW WOW!!! By Shelby Waltz Photography

Pin Up Girl Vivian Vow by Shelby Waltz Photography (5)by Sad Man’s Tongue, Photo by Shelby Waltz Photography, Model Vivian Vow

So it would appear that a young lass, Vivian Vow,  enters a a Pin Up Contest in 2013 and ends up taking first place in the Ink’d Out Loud pin-up contest. Grand prize was of course a photo shoot with Hopkinsville, Kentucky based photographer, Shelby Waltz Photography.

Well this new on the scene Pin Up and a fairly new burgeoning photographer who specializes in wedding photography made some magic. While Shelby may specialize in weddings photos and portraits, which she has an abundance of in her portfolio, we would hope she may do some more pin up work in the near future.

Vivian appears to have scored a modeling gig as a result of the photo shoot and appears to be building her own modelling portfolio quite nicely. But this shoot seemed to be just a taste of what’s to come and it had us begging for more.

All we can say is while Shelby’s  wedding photos are quite nice, we want more Vivian!!!

Enjoy today’s gallery to The Blood Strings from Aachen, Germany getting us in the mood for Halloween with “Zombie In Love.”



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