Pin Up Girl Tamara Kamikaze Sucks You In & Leaves You Beggin’ For More

Tamara Kamikze by Bostjian Tacolby Sad Man’s Tongue, Photos by Igor Dugandzic Photography, Bostjan Tacol – Photobilly, Vjeran Petrovic, Biserka Beesee, Jasenka Arbanas Photography, Petit ChouChou PinUps, DominionArt -Deyan Baric Photography, and Franjo Matkovic Photography

Tamara Kamikaze is a  27-year-old Pin Up Girl from Zagreb, Croatia who has  a pair of killer legs and a pair of dark hazel eyes that will suck you into forever and keep you begging for more.

Tamara has been modelling only since 2012, at the behest of a friend, and has already started making a name for herself. Having been recruited by “Damn Models: Dark Art Models Network“, which recently received a 6 page article in Playboy Magazine Croatia, in which Tamara was one of several girls featured, Tamara is destined to be a face that will be seen by a large audience.

Tamara says about herself on her web page;

I’m a big fan of vintage and pin-up photography. Rockabilly culture and old school is what attracts me most, so I love all the divas (old or modern) that cherish that lifestyle, models, burlesque dancers or just enthusiastic every day people, they all inspire me.

Well Tamara has sure inspired us here at Sad Man’s Tongue as she he has inspired us to fall in love with her. And judging by the looks of things she has inspired quite a few photographers to capture her beauty and charming personality. All the photographers credited have in their own way captured a different essence of Tamara’s mystique and versatility.

Enjoy todays gallery to Thee Imperial Royales out of Seattle, Washington with “The Path To The Black Lodge.”


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