This Cinnamon Girl Has Heart Full Of Poetry And A Soul Full Of Prose

Inked Girl, Alternative Model, Pin Up Girl Leanna Banana by Dasterdlly Dave (1)by Sad man’s Tongue, Photos by Dastardly Dave Photography, Model Leanna Banana

Usually when we write a bit about someone we go to their bio or about page. More often than not individuals write almost nothing about themselves. But when we started this feature on Leanna Banana we were stunned.

What Leanna wrote was such poetry that anything we could possibly write about her would pale in comparison to her words and could never touch the page we write on now as she just touched our soul.

We can tell you that while you think her photos tell the story of this spirited Alternative model they do not. Perhaps they touch upon her in the entire sum of 10% but there is clearly far more than just the beauty you see here.

We have always been a sucker for red hair and her prose poem “Red” truly speaks of a color in all its nuances,

it is the reflection of the setting sun in her eyes.  it is the hue of the tears that she cries deep into her pillow when she believes that everyone else is asleep.  it is the echo of your heartbeat when you hold her against you.  it is the taste of her kiss.  it is the way that she shushes you with her fingertip against your lips, lingering like an endless sentence though nothing is spoken.  it is the remnant of lust that you leave all over her body in the throes of passion.  it is the sound of her orgasm.  it is the dying ember of your last cigarette.  it is the scent of her perfume on your sheets after you wake alone in an empty bed.  it is the wound that the razor leaves on porcelain skin.  it is the shade of the weeping flowers abandoned in the hallway.  it is the burning ache of your broken heart.  it is the color of love. – Leanna Banana

This Inked wonder from Manchester, New Hampshire has a wonderful website and blog called “All Ghosts Are Women,” wich is an artists palate of photos, prose, and poetry and this is a must for you to check  out.

Enjoy today’s gallery to the sounds of Sam Spades out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with their song “Wolf.”

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