Thomas’s Barber Shop: Old School Never Felt So Good

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We have all seen the pictures, and we have all seen the movies……straight razors, hot towels, and what seemed to be an exceptional experience with getting a guy’s haircut.

Of course to a lot of us this was a legend, a myth, or a tall tale told by our grandfathers and great grandfathers. But then again there were those pictures that seemed to back the tales up.

For years I suffered haircuts at a salon who just did not know what a true men’s cut was. Sorry to all your beauty salons but a men’s cut requires hair to be trimmed not just from the top of ones head, so you actually need to grow it, luckily there are several ways for men to regrow hair naturally so they can have the hair for a real haircut. I am sure all you guys know what I mean.

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Enter Thomas’s Barber Shop, the first original barber shop to open in Prague. When I heard about them from a friend I was quite excited as we had done some articles on an Old School barber shop in Holland, Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier. I dreamed of the day that something similar would open here, especially since Thomas’s has the exact same kind of barber chairs, the ones I found at

They have many options ranging in price for your pleasure from a simple proper cut to the Ultimate experience which I did partake in and includes the following;

Men’s haircut with shampoo, defining beard lines, contouring, drying and styling, HOT TOWEL WET SHAVE, taning the hair on  ears, SOTHYS facial peeling, facial massage, ANTI-AGE mask and serum, paraffin, scalp massage, shoulders massage, massage of hands and arms, final styling, glass of whisky.

It was the best money I ever spent on a hair cut in my entire life, as well as one of the best experiences at a barbers or any previous hair salon I had visited.

They gone to say on their website;

Our shop is not a ‘modern day’ hair salon, at our establishment you step back to the golden age of barber shops. Hot-towel prepping, straight-razor closeness and all with bringing back tradition of when a visit to the barber shop was more than just a haircut. We strive to make you feel and look great in an environment where you can relax, socialize and enjoy a real man’s grooming.

 In this electronic age we want to offer you the experience of traditional grooming techniques, making a haircut and shave not just a necessity, but a pleasure. Only in our shop you can indulge in classic shaving with straight-razor and hot towel steaming, keeping an old-fashioned tradition alive.

Salon in Prague 1 Navrátilova 16 was the first to open and nowadays is a cult address associated with perfect men care.

If you want to be properly pampered and treated then there is no other choice. The ultimate experience can take 70 to 90 minutes, but you walk out feeling like a million bucks.With three locations they make it pretty easy for you to find your way there.

I myself have not had a haircut in over a year and my facial hair is fully grown in. Lets just say I have now set the stage for their barbers to sculpt away and create something special, if they are up for the challenge. I’ll be making an appointment soon.

Enjoy today’s musical selection of St. Johnny And the Sinners based out of Prague, Czech Republic with their rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.”








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