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Apocalypse Cooking w/ Sad Man’s Tongue: #1 Frittata

Feel like your in an Apocalypse? Waiting for Rick to come save the day? Stuck at home waiting for normalcy while the streets seem empty. Well for all of you who have a mixed bag of ingredients in the fridge … Continue reading

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A Taste of the Deep South at Sam’s Dogwood Diner

From My east Texas Palestine- Many years ago, families who were feeling the sting of the Great Depression enjoyed simple meals such as biscuits and gravy which became a main staple among East Texas families. Southern food has a history … Continue reading

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Pizza Toast With Proscuitto, Red Onion, & Buffalo Mozzarella

Who doesn’t like pizza? I know I do and I have friends who can confirm the mountains of Pizza boxes lying around my former apartments, where their empty remains lay stacked like a squirrel collecting nuts. Of course that was … Continue reading

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Grilled Egg on Toast with Ricotta Cheese, Baby Spinach, Grilled Onions, & Ham

If you are like me in tastes, and I know many of you are, then you know that a complete breakfast must include some kind of egg with some kind of meat. It  does not matter what kind of egg. … Continue reading

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Sad Man’s Chicken Parm

Is is possible to make chicken parm with no tomato sauce,no  sliced cheese, and no chicken breast meat? Hell yes! I have not been to the store lately and with the weather getting colder in Prague I did not feel like venturing … Continue reading

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Join Our Censorship Protest and Say Fuck You SOPA

Please take a few minutes to head over to and take action. It only takes a few moments of your time to be an agent of change! by Jane Wells Have you been paying attention to all the hubbub … Continue reading

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Fennel & Bay Leaf Soup With Chicken and Garlic

First cold week in Prague and the first snow where I live. Perfect day for hot soup but nothing too heavy. Ingredients: 1 Small Onion Diced 2 Small Carrots cut 1/8 Inch 2 Celery Stalks cut 1/8 inch 1 Fennel … Continue reading

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Voices of Main Street: Mary Giannetti at the Moran Square Diner

by Datechguy If you have watched Mike Barnicle on TV you have probably heard him say the phrase “The people at Moran Square Diner” when talking about the average person and what he thinks. Well the Moran square diner is … Continue reading

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The American Diner: From Personality To Conformity & Back Part 1

by Sad Man’s Tongue When I am asked if I miss the United States I always say I miss breakfast more than anything else. I just love that greedy American breakfast that you can get anytime of the day and … Continue reading

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