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Costa Coffee Has Nothing Compared To Kostas Coffee

Now I am no connoisseur of coffee. Most coffees taste alike to me and my daily coffee experience is a double espresso with cold water in a large glass. Not because I want an American coffee in Europe, I just … Continue reading

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In Coffee Heaven At Sad Man’s Tongue Bar and Bistro Prague

I have had a lot of coffee, as I am sure most of our fans and readers have had the same. As for myself I can’t say I have ever really had an amazing cappuccino or latte and if I … Continue reading

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(Light) Cinnamon Mocha Greek Yogurt – From The Burlesque Baker

by Colleen, Featured Writer, The Burlesque Baker You may have noticed that I love sweets. I want my oatmeal to taste like pumpkin pie, I like to mix my savory flavors with sweets, and I’ve even fashioned myself as a … Continue reading

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