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Volbeat Frontman Michael Poulsen Talks About Influence of Elvis and Cash w/ Loudwire

by Full Metal Jackie,  Loudwire Volbeat frontman Michael Poulsen was the guest on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show this past weekend. Poulsen spoke all about the band’s latest album ‘Outlaw Gentleman & Shady Ladies’ and what their new bandmate Rob … Continue reading

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Keepers of the Elvis Presley Phenomena

Taken From The Mystery Train Blog Found This over at Taken From The Mystery Train Blog, and fought it an enjoyable read. Be sure to check them out. Into the fray I literally have dozens of post ideas for The … Continue reading

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Elvis Presley 1956 – Photos by Alfred Wertheimer

“Elvis is the greatest cultural force in the twentieth century. He introduced the beat to everything, music, language, clothes, it’s a whole new social revolution – the 60’s comes from it.” -Leonard Bernstein, 1960s 1956 was pivotal year in America … Continue reading

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Hepcats Gallery 3 – Happy Birthday Elvis

Photos by Libero Api “Without preamble, the three-piece band cuts loose. In the spotlight, the lanky singer flails furious rhythms on his guitar, every now and then breaking a string. In a pivoting stance, his hips swing sensuously from side … Continue reading

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Rockabilly Music Explored Uncharted Territory

By Buster Fayte Having sprung from very familiar and comfortable roots, rockabilly music took off in a completely new and unexpected direction. The musicians of rockabilly were making things up as they went along. There was no plan for how … Continue reading

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A Good Rockabilly Tune Delivers a Punch

By Buster Fayte , Featured Writer, Sad Man’s Tongue What makes a good rockabilly song? I guess you could come up with a million  answers to that question, but to me one answer kind of sums it all up: A … Continue reading

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Rockabilly star Carl Perkins’ son looks back on his father’s career

by GEORGE JARED, Featured Writer, The Republic Almost 15 years after his death, rock legend Carl Perkins is set to receive one more honor. A life-sized silhouette of him and other music legends will be ringed around a monument shaped … Continue reading

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Good Rockin’ Tonight From 1947 to 2012

One of the most classic and timeless rock and roll songs, and one of my favorites, is “Good Rockin’ Tonight.” First recorded in 1947 by Roy Brown as a Jump Blues Tune and later sung  by Wynonie Harris where you … Continue reading

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The final album by rockabilly legend Janis Martin to see the light of day

by AdamTogether, Featured Writer, Alt Sounds Cow Island Music to release The Blanco Sessions, funded by Kickstarter,  on September 18. Flores will embark on U.S. tour to perform Martin’s  songs. Janis Martin was one of the few female recording  artists … Continue reading

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In Honor of Telstar, I Give You the Nerdiest Elvis Album Cover

by Alexis Madrigal – Senior Editor, The Atlantic  50 years ago this month, the first Telstar communications satellite blasted off into space and began to relay information across vast distances. Almost 11 years later, three years after the moon landing drew … Continue reading

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